Stories in Upcoming Anthologies

I’m pleased to mention that I have two stories in upcoming sister anthologies, Corvidae and Scarecrow, both from World Weaver Press later this year. Both are edited by Rhonda Parrish, of Fae fame.

My stories are “Sanctuary” and “Judge and Jury,” and while each can stand alone they are really one longer tale. It starts when a wildlife rehabilitator stops to pick up a bird struck by a car, and it ends with strange death. Well, actually, no, it doesn’t end there, either….

You can see the full tables of contents here for Scarecrow and Corvidae.


Amtrak Cascades & The Empire Builder

Red road sign: "Warning: vultures may cause damage to vehicles."
This photo has nothing to do with this particular trip — it was taken on New Year’s Day at Lake Monroe, IN — but I couldn’t not share it.

My gift to myself for surviving December and January was to take the Empire Builder back home from Portland.

January was a crazy month: I taught workshops in Michigan and New Jersey. While in Michigan, I was rear-ended at a stop light during a hard snow, and my car had to be towed. (It’s fine now.) Then I flew to Portland to speak at Clicker Expo, a training and behavior conference (and one of my favorite times of year). There my brand-new computer decided to overturn its discouragingly predictable existence by freezing up and dying during my presentation. Twice.

So I was glad I’d planned ahead and booked the Empire Builder home. The Empire Builder is Amtrak’s premier passenger line, a run all the way to Chicago. I had a sleeping compartment, one of the small roomettes.

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Nominated! Starred!


So I can’t believe I forgot to mention this here, and I’ll just plead that I’ve been hyper-busy with work over the last month or so. But I really should have mentioned it.

My short story “And Only the Eyes of Children,” appearing in the 2014 World Weaver Press anthology Fae, was nominated for the Pushcart Prize. I’m most definitely pleased with that.

“And Only the Eyes of Children” also landed on Tangent Online’s 2014 Recommended Reading List, complete with a two-star mention (of 0-3 stars possible). I’m pretty pleased with that, too.

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Snow Ribbons & Other Winter Things

Winter brings us pretty things. While the north apparently got some good accumulation, the Great Winter Storm turned out for us to be largely rain and slush — actually, I would have much preferred the snow — the mild temperatures did at least create some fun snow effects.

Snow sliding down the windshield, but still cohesive, coiled and then formed ribbons!

Snow sliding down the windshield, but still cohesive, coiled and then formed ribbons!

Like on this windshield, where the snow melted just enough to slip and slide, but not enough to come apart, resulting in some pretty cool snow ribbons.

I kinda wanted some heavy snow, though, so I could feel totally justified in holing up at home by a fire and catching up on blog posts, accounting, and other gets-pushed-back tasks. But I guess clear roads are better for the majority…. But for anyone else missing snow, hop over to the Yuki-Onna photos to get a chill.

In other news, I sold two short stories in January and hope to be able to announce them soon. And in other news, the groundhog apparently says we’ll have six more weeks of winter, so stock up on hot chocolate and a few more books of your favorite variety. I’m still holding out for my snow day!