I Walk a Lonely Road: my new treadmill desk

English: 2009 ESPN Zone Chicago Ultimate Couch...
2009 ESPN Zone Chicago Ultimate Couch Potato Contestant – Steve Janowski (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, it turns out that sitting on your butt for long periods of time, like writers do, is really bad for you.

This should be one of those no-brainer things — sedentary lifestyles are bad, this isn’t news — but it really came home to me when I realized that since I became a published author and started really taking my writing seriously, I’ve gained almost 20 pounds. Ouch.

Time to take back my life!

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Vintage Books Are Art

A page from the mysterious Voynich manuscript,...
A page from the mysterious Voynich manuscript, which is undeciphered to this day. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I respect books. I hate to see books damaged, even — especially — in the name of decor. At a decorators’ show house recently, my sister, mother, and I looked in horror at shelf art made of cut up books. “Oh, thank goodness,” my sister soon identified, “they’re just Reader’s Digest Condensed Books.”

Walking through a decorating fair using vintage books and paper as disposable materials makes my blood run dark. The current trend of tearing up old books to get aged or interesting paper is infuriating and wholly unnecessary. My mother has decorated her bathroom with delightful antique book illustrations, everything from Sinbad to Sherlock Holmes, all color-copied from the originals for a neat aesthetic with no damage.

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How I Survived the Arctic Blast and Beyond

“A well known American writer said once that, while everybody talked about the weather, nobody seemed to do anything about it.”
— Charles Dudley Warner, Hartford (Connecticut) Courant, August 27, 1897 (often attributed to Mark Twain but probably mistakenly)

English: "Besides disrupting transportati...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s said that there is no bad weather, only bad clothing. While I can’t agree wholly — I’m from the midwest, and no clothing in the world will save you from a tornado — I agree with the sentiment that a little preparation goes a long way toward making one safe and comfortable.

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Coming Soon: Fae

illustration from a book of fairy tales, the t...
illustration from a book of fairy tales, the tale is “Childe Roland” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay, I’m pretty excited about this.

I have a story in an upcoming anthology, Fae, edited by Rhonda Parrish and published by World Weaver Press. The collection centers on, predictably enough, fairy tales — but not the kind you’d think. These are cyberpunk fairies and Civil War fairies and fairies among us. You can check out the contents here, and don’t some of those titles look delicious?

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New Story Out: The Ruins

Feeling the Burn
(Photo credit: Donna Cazadd)

“The Ruins” is now available to read online at Punchnel’s. Later this year, paperback sales of the Mythic Indy anthology will go to support Second Story, a program to encourage eager and reluctant kids to explore creative writing and improve their literacy and writing skills.

“The Ruins,” like the rest of the Mythic Indy stories, is set in a supernatural Indianapolis. Urban fantasy, folklore, science fiction, and slipstream all bump shoulders here. My story centers on the famous statues in Holliday Park, and what they might really be.

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