The Joys of Research – Truth or Dare

Party 1950s Style

(image credit: NinaZed)

Being a writer means you get to look up all kinds of wacky stuff and pretend it’s valid work.

While researching for a story, I learned that the party game we call “Truth or Dare” is actually centuries old even in its current form. In fact, per some sources, it might be literally ancient, tracing back to ancient Greece.

Which just goes to show that people have been shameless and fearless — or drunk — for a really long time.

Beware of Writers

English: Beware of Bull Beware of Bull on publ...

This photo is not directly relevant to being cautious of writers. It’s just great on its own. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve said that people just passing through a hotel hosting a writers’ convention must be frequently alarmed. For example, I was sitting in the hall at my last such conference and overheard someone pleading for ideas on how to dispose of a body. “I tried burying it, but that didn’t work,” he said, “and I’ve thought about acid in a tub but it didn’t seem likely to clean up well. Can you help?”
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Tiny Youkai

A quick blur of moment drew his eye — a mouse, skimming over the ground? No, a tiny youkai, galloping through the tangled grass, waving stubby arms and piping something in a shrill, unintelligible voice.

Kaworu bent toward him. “What?”

Metal split the air above his bent shoulder and struck the tree beyond. Kaworu did not waste time looking after it but made his lean a roll, dodging to one side and coming up in a crouch.

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