In the Works: a new serial

Camp NaNoWriMo Winner My friend Stephanie Cain (who has a shiny brand new author page on Facebook to like) invited me to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo with her this year. I’d never done Camp NaNo, which is a somewhat less-intense April version of the November 50,000-word spew, so I signed up.

I chose to work on an idea I’ve been kicking around for nearly a year, a high fantasy adventure with some comedy potential and a good candidate for a serial. Continue reading

CON JOB — Cover Reveal!

I am ridiculously excited to get to share this with you.

I asked Kristie Good of Crash Bang Labs to do the Con Job cover art, in great part because she is also a longtime geek and would understand the flavor such a cover needed. Kristie does comics as well as artwork, so check them out on her site.

She obliged with very fun, manga-inspired front and back cover art. The front features our protagonist Jacob and his friend Sam, and the back shows their friends Jessica and Zach in their costumes. I have the front here for you today.

Are you ready? Can I get a drum roll, please? Continue reading

The Ragged Edge: The 10k Goal


(Photo credit: dsearls)

So to review, I noticed late last year that I had a really great year running, with over 9,000 books in paid sales. I did some very simple projections and realized that I might just break 10,000 paid sales by the end of 2013. So I announced on Facebook that if the magic number were reached, I’d release a free unpublished short story for my readers.

As we drew nearer to the deadline, I formalized the promise and sweetened the pot with another short story.

So, did we make it? Continue reading

Protected: “Teaching Seahorses” — a rewarding read

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Tiny Youkai

A quick blur of moment drew his eye — a mouse, skimming over the ground? No, a tiny youkai, galloping through the tangled grass, waving stubby arms and piping something in a shrill, unintelligible voice.

Kaworu bent toward him. “What?”

Metal split the air above his bent shoulder and struck the tree beyond. Kaworu did not waste time looking after it but made his lean a roll, dodging to one side and coming up in a crouch. Continue reading

Excerpt from KITSUNE-MOCHI

Bonus: you'll learn to count with kanji in the paperback edition of KITSUNE-MOCHI.

Bonus: you’ll learn to count with kanji in the paperback edition of KITSUNE-MOCHI.

Want a sneak peek? Here’s a glimpse from chapter 3 of Kitsune-Mochi (sequel to Kitsune-Tsuki)…. Continue reading

Kitsune-Mochi: A Trimming

Sometimes there’s a really great line which just doesn’t work.

In this case, the line (from Kitsune-Mochi) doesn’t work because there’s no one to have the conversation with, or at least not at this level of informality and honesty. And the voice is wholly wrong for the rest of the book. But this exchange which never happened captures the mood and motivation exactly. Continue reading

Pirates! and a free sample

International Talk Like a Pirate DayAarrrgh! It’s offic’ly Talk Like a Pirate Day! And in honor, we’re goin’ t’ look at a burnin’ question: Why d’ our pirates talk like this?

Of course, thar aren’t a lot o’ recorded pirate speeches. Even court records o’ tried and convicted pirates don’t capture t’ dialect o’ t’ accused. What we think o’ as “pirate speak” developed rel’tively recently in modern media.
Continue reading

Teaser Tuesday: A Short Walk Home



One of my own corn fields. This stood probably nearly 8 feet tall when taken in July.

Today’s Teaser Tuesday comes from the short story, “A Short Walk Home.”

I don’t know why I even reacted; it was just a rustle, probably an opossum or raccoon. But I became newly aware I was beside a corn field, not soybeans, and I couldn’t see a thing in there. Soybeans can hide rabbits; corn can hide axe murderers and zombies.

…I know, I know, my Hoosier roots are showing.

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Kitsune-Mochi is coming…!

Yes, yes, it’s coming — the sequel to Kitsune-Tsuki! While Kitsune-Tsuki was a novelette, Kitsune-Mochi is a full novel.

I’m having a tough time with this one, though, due to the fact that my cover designer Jess was a little too awesome. I’d thought to stay with the same cover theme as Kitsune-Tsuki, but she gave me options, and now I’m having a hard time deciding between these two: Continue reading