Buy Early, Make a Fortune

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Upcoming Author Talks!

Elemental-5252I’ve got several upcoming events scheduled, so for efficiency I’m going to list them all together in one post.

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Laura speaking on Japanese Folklore at ACen

1780087_10152101380099580_432369860_o[1]I’ll be speaking at ACen (also known as Anime Central) this weekend on a number of topics, including Japanese Folklore & Mythology. The talk isn’t strictly limited to Japanese tales, but that will be the focus since ACen is an anime, manga, and J-culture convention. Admission is by convention badge purchase only.

(Also, yes, I’m at a convention the week Con Job releases. We’ll try to keep the corpses to a minimum.)

Want to know more about the background of the Kitsune Tales — or of Sailor Moon, Dragonball, Princess Mononoke, or any other blockbuster title which has a lot of references to folkloric sources? See you there!

“Read Tuesday”: the Cyber Monday of books

Have you heard of Read Tuesday? It’s like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, only it’s for books and it’s on a, well, Tuesday.

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Kitsune-bi and Kitsune no Yomeiri – foxfire and fox wedding

In a Western forest, when you see lights drifting over your path and beckoning into darkness, you might call them a will-o’-the-wisp. And you should know better than to follow them. Continue reading

Tiny Youkai

A quick blur of moment drew his eye — a mouse, skimming over the ground? No, a tiny youkai, galloping through the tangled grass, waving stubby arms and piping something in a shrill, unintelligible voice.

Kaworu bent toward him. “What?”

Metal split the air above his bent shoulder and struck the tree beyond. Kaworu did not waste time looking after it but made his lean a roll, dodging to one side and coming up in a crouch. Continue reading

Betobeto-san, the Footstep Youkai

Happy Halloween! Let’s talk about something spooky.

Her footsteps in the litter and debris muffled the forest noises around her, and for a moment she considered humming to further drown the sounds that frightened her. But it would be foolish to handicap herself. She kept quiet, listening to her too-loud footsteps.

Twilight made the way difficult, and she hoped she was still going the right way. She slipped, half-losing her zouri. She paused, to refit it to her foot, and the footsteps did not. Continue reading

Kitsune-Mochi is here!

Kitsune-MochiSo, in case you thought this was just an ordinary Tuesday — nope.

Today’s the day that Kitsune-Mochi launches into the world. Continue reading

Excerpt from KITSUNE-MOCHI

Bonus: you'll learn to count with kanji in the paperback edition of KITSUNE-MOCHI.

Bonus: you’ll learn to count with kanji in the paperback edition of KITSUNE-MOCHI.

Want a sneak peek? Here’s a glimpse from chapter 3 of Kitsune-Mochi (sequel to Kitsune-Tsuki)…. Continue reading

Contest Winners

And now, our trivia winners! (From the ARC contest.)

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