CLAMP and CLUTCH: the art

In Con Job, Jacob and Samantha discover a gorgeous costume, based on a design by the famous artists CLUTCH. This is an unashamedly blatant reference to the famous creators CLAMP.

CLAMP is a Japanese art group knows for their characters’ distinctive elongated style and ridiculously detailed, impractical-but-drool-worthy fashions. It’s a sure bet that CLAMP art will feature ruffles, buckles, feathered wings, or all three. Also, there’s a good chance of a one-eyed character.

Watanuki, from xxxHolic, by CLAMPIt’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye; then it’s CLAMP.

— common joke among fans

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CON JOB is coming!

Con JobLong promised, eagerly anticipated, now expected! Con Job will release on May 13.

In other news, I’m sorry for the lack of news. I’ve been traveling with very limited internet access (where I am right now, I can get online for a few minutes a day at speeds well under traditional dial-up) and I just haven’t been able to post or share as usual, much less update Smoke and Peers. But I’ll be home next week and hope to be back on schedule. See you then!

Stay tuned, too, for a special offer in the newsletter for ordering Con Job at a special price.

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CON JOB — Cover Reveal!

I am ridiculously excited to get to share this with you.

I asked Kristie Good of Crash Bang Labs to do the Con Job cover art, in great part because she is also a longtime geek and would understand the flavor such a cover needed. Kristie does comics as well as artwork, so check them out on her site.

She obliged with very fun, manga-inspired front and back cover art. The front features our protagonist Jacob and his friend Sam, and the back shows their friends Jessica and Zach in their costumes. I have the front here for you today.

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