• The Songweaver's Vow

    She tells Greek legends to entertain Norse gods — until one of her stories leads to murder. Now she's alone in hostile Asgard, and Ragnarok is coming.

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Revisions In Progress

The Songweaver's VowSo I’ve been chatting on social media this month about The Songweaver’s Vow, sharing tidbits for #WIPjoy. Right now I’m throat-deep in revisions, which is always a challenge but especially so with this book, as I did not write it linearly (start to finish, straight through).

I know a lot of writers who can write out of order. Apparently I am not one of them. These revisions are kicking my butt like… well, like Vikings trashing a fishing town.

The other night I spent over four hours writing new material for a scene to explain some story gaps. Then I deleted all the new stuff and half the old. This is why writers drink (or eat chocolate). Send help.

I’m working on a similar scenario right now, and I don’t know if this scene will survive or be replaced. But here’s a fun piece of dialogue from it:

It was dark. And cold, in a way that chilled to the bone…. “Am I dead?” she asked aloud.
He jumped in the saddle and looked down at her. “Less so than I’d thought,” he admitted. “But perhaps more so than you might like.”

Stay turned for a cover reveal and a release date soon!

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  1. “Less so than I’d thought,” he admitted. “But perhaps more so than you might like.”

    LOL! Love that quote.

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