“Read Tuesday”: the Cyber Monday of books

Have you heard of Read Tuesday? It’s like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, only it’s for books and it’s on a, well, Tuesday.

Read Tuesday, December 10, 2013

On that day, books all over the internet will be discounted — including mine.

Here’s what Tuesday pricing will look like:

Laev, after faux holiday destruction

Laev does a “naughty dog” ad for Christmas

What’s Amazon MatchBook? Amazon will allow you to buy the ebook for a discounted rate when you purchase the paperback, so you can buy a gift for friends or family and get the ebook for yourself. Sweet!

(Don’t want to buy at Amazon? You can also get the ebook sale prices at Smashwords and Barnes & Noble. Paperbacks at B&N probably won’t carry the discount, sorry.)

Remember that ebooks can be purchased as gifts and Amazon will even let you schedule them for delivery. Bonus: ebooks can’t be damaged beneath the tree by naughty puppies.

Feel free to spread the word. Happy shopping!

(Some links above are affiliate links and yes, FTC, I will make money if people click them. I mean, they’re my books, after all.)

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