The Ragged Edge: The 10k Goal


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So to review, I noticed late last year that I had a really great year running, with over 9,000 books in paid sales. I did some very simple projections and realized that I might just break 10,000 paid sales by the end of 2013. So I announced on Facebook that if the magic number were reached, I’d release a free unpublished short story for my readers.

As we drew nearer to the deadline, I formalized the promise and sweetened the pot with another short story.

So, did we make it?

I won’t know solid numbers for a bit yet, because even in the hands-on world of self-publishing numbers can take a while to settle. But as it looks now, the figure stands at 9,826. (I got another wholesale order on January 2, but that wasn’t quite enough to push over the top.)

For those who saw an update that we were within 100 books, I’m sorry; it turns out that some of my Kindle sales were being counted twice when I ran that. Not many, but enough to be confusing.

Grasp 2

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So my grasping, clawing fingers slipped off the edge of that shining 10,000 ledge. So close!

Still, I got so much support and enthusiasm during the last couple of weeks, I feel bad just declaring a loss. And I am ridiculously pleased to have posted 9800+ paid sales anyway. I mean, come on, that’s more than a book an hour. How can I be unhappy with that?!

So though we didn’t “unlock” two stories, you’re still getting one, and it’s the seahorse story.

As promised, it will be distributed via the newsletter, and today’s edition includes a link and a password to read the story. It features a person I could know in real life (but don’t) and sort of has a tie to some of my other work. I hope you enjoy it!

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