Kitsune-Mochi: A Trimming

Sometimes there’s a really great line which just doesn’t work.

In this case, the line (from Kitsune-Mochi) doesn’t work because there’s no one to have the conversation with, or at least not at this level of informality and honesty. And the voice is wholly wrong for the rest of the book. But this exchange which never happened captures the mood and motivation exactly.

“I came to warn Naka-dono of the danger he faced. I came to save him, and this is his gratitude? This is how he repays me?”

“You came to kill him!”

“Whatever. He deserves to die after he treated me so poorly.”

We are so skilled at telling ourselves stories to hide the truth. Naka-dono doesn’t buy the tale I’m selling to gain access so I can kill him? Clearly he deserves to die.

In the meantime, the Kitsune-Mochi trivia contest is nearly over — if you haven’t entered yet, answer for a chance at a free ARC!

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