Cry HAVOK and Let Slip the Dinos of War

HAVOK April 2017Check out the newest issue of HAVOK! It includes my flash fiction about a woman traveling with her service Velociraptor, and a lot more dino-themed stories. Seriously, that cover.

(Okay, I know pterosaurs aren’t strictly dinosaurs, but are you going to argue with that cover? I didn’t think so.)

What? You don’t have a subscription to HAVOK? You can find the print or digital issue here or get a Kindle edition.

T Rex stomps a car over text of all 26 authors' namesWant your dinosaurs with a side of dinosaurs? Remember that D is for Dinosaur offers 26 short stories with dinosaurs of all flavors. (I have the letter Z.)

I’m going to have to show all these to my pal Cupcake!

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