Contest! win Kitsune-Mochi before the other kids on your block!

The kitsune Kuzunoha. Note the shadow of a fox...

The kitsune Kuzunoha. Note the shadow of a fox cast on the screen. Print by Kuniyoshi. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s coming. It’s coming! Kitsune-Mochi is nearly here, and I’m so excited.

In fact, I’m so excited that I want to share. How about an ARC (advance review copy) of Kitsune-Mochi? So you can read it before it even goes on sale? Boo-yeah. Let’s do this.

But instead of a random contest, this one is for the achievers! I’m going to ask some questions about the world of Kitsune Tales. You’re going to answer them as quickly and accurately as you can. And the first five comments with all the correct answers will win.

And, I’ll drop a Really Useful Hint on the relevant page number in the paperback of Kitsune-Tsuki. Ebook users, don’t fret — you guys have search functionality!

Comments will be moderated until winners are selected so that one guy can’t just cheat off the first person who did the work. Got it? Let’s go!

Blacksmith Munechika (end of the 10th century)...

Blacksmith Munechika (end of the 10th century), helped by a fox spirit (left, surrounded by little foxes), forging the blade Ko-Gitsune Maru (“Little Fox”). Woodcut by Ogata Gekkō. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Trivia questions

1) What doesn’t the fox say?

You’ve heard all about what the fox says. Now tell me what the fox doesn’t say. According to folklore, kitsune even in human shape cannot pronounce a particular syllable. Name it.

(Hint: check page 61 of the Kitsune-Tsuki paperback.)

see title

see title (Photo credit: Wikipedi

2) Why Inari?

Inari is the Shinto deity served by foxes, which frequently appear at her shrine. What pragmatic material does Inari represent?

(Hint: check page 11 of the Kitsune-Tsuki paperback.)

3) I Hate Everything About You

Kitsune are tricksters and mischievous things, but they truly hate and fear one animal. Which? And bonus point for including the Japanese word.

(Hint: check page 56 of the Kitsune-Tsuki paperback.)

Prince Hanzoku terrorized by a nine-tailed kit...

Prince Hanzoku terrorized by a nine-tailed kitsune (fox spirit). Print by Utagawa Kuniyoshi, 19th century. (Photo credit: Wikipedia

4) This title isn’t even in English, srsly

Two-parter: What does kitsune-tsuki mean? And what does kitsune-mochi mean?

(Hint: check page 2 in the Kitsune-Tsuki paperback, and click here for another hint.)

5) Ninja skilz

Shishio Hitoshi is a shadow, the daimyou‘s unseen hand. Most modern readers would call him a ninja, but he would not have used that word. While they are never called such in these books, historically what were Shishio’s people known as?

(Hint: check here or here for clues.)

Okay, go. Clock’s ticking! I’ll announce the winners in another post. Ganbatte! (Do your best!)


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  1. 1. A fox cannot say “shi”

    2. Inari represents rice

    3. Kitsune hate inu (dogs) or for the kanji lover 犬

    4. Kitsune-tsuki means fox possessed, kitsune-mochi is a fox possesser

    5. shinobi

  2. 1) Shi

    2) Rice

    3) Dogs (Inu いぬ)

    4) Kitsune-tsuki means being posessed by a kitsune. Kitsune-mochi means possessing foxes

    5) Shinobi

  3. 1.) shi
    2.) rice
    3.) okami
    4.) being possessed by a fox, the fox who possesses
    5.) shinobi

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