Contest for Hall of Heroes

Hall of HeroesTo celebrate the release of the anthology Hall of Heroes, I’m having a contest.

I have two stories in this anthology, “And Only the Eyes of Children” and “Teamwork.” To enter the contest, you must answer this question:

What is the name of the narrator in “Teamwork”?

This story isn’t in the free preview of the book, so you’re going to have to actually download it. No sweat, though — the book is free!

Don’t answer here! That just gives the answer away to everyone who didn’t look it up. Don’t be that guy. Keep your competitive advantage! Instead, click here and enter your answer. (This will also sign you up for my infrequent newsletter. Don’t worry, your email will never be sold or used for evil, and you can unsubscribe at any time.)

Bonus question, for an extra chance to win: What are the names of the highly-trained war unicorns in “Rue the Day”? (Hint: check a previous blog post.)

But what can I win?

Endangered Species dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt, package featuring an owlWhat about dark chocolate? Socially responsible fair trade organic dark chocolate? I mean, that seems like the perfect prize, especially with almonds and a bit of sea salt, amIright? Especially when it also helps animals?

But Laura, I don’t like dark chocolate. And I’m allergic to almonds.

Fine, I guess we’ll have to accommodate everyone. You can win a $5 gift card to use toward chocolate or the reward of your choice.

Contest closes Wednesday, July 5, at midnight my time (Eastern Daylight). Winner to be determined by random draw from correct entries. Good luck!

Equus: Fight and Launch!
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  1. Entered but the form did not ask for my e-mail.

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