“Should Have” and “Would Have”

I happened across a great tweet the other day, about plot and character: REGARDING PLOT-HOLES, DO NOT CONFUSE "HE SHOULD HAVE DONE" WITH "HE WOULD HAVE DONE"… THEY ARE MILES APART. — FILM/TRUMP CRIT HULK (@FilmCritHULK) October 5, 2012   Continue reading

Your Sample Should Include a Sample.

ebook reader with book image

Okay, I am pretty equal-opportunity when it comes to paper books and ebooks. I have minor preferences — I like paper books for plane trips (no obligatory power-down!) and ebooks for reference material (I have no guilt highlighting and annotating a ebook, while defacing a paper book even in the… Continue reading

Amazon Deals on KITSUNE-TSUKI

adorable Doberman puppy, photo by Laura VanArendonk Baugh

Retail news! Not only is Kitsune-Tsuki now available in paperback (say, here, for example), but it’s eligible for Amazon’s 4-for-3 promotion — which means if you add Kitsune-Tsuki to an order of three books, you get it free. Of course, it’s in ebook at Amazon, too, and at Barnes &… Continue reading

How Operant Conditioning Sold My Pitch


Republished from original post at CaninesInAction.com I spent last weekend immersed wholly in words. I don’t talk about it much, but I also write fiction, and I’ve decided lately to put more effort into that area. So two things happened last week — my novella Kitsune-Tsuki came out on ebook, and I… Continue reading

Laura Presents on Japanese Folklore at Gen Con Indianapolis

I will be presenting a two-hour panel on Japanese Folklore & Mythology at Gen Con Indianapolis, August 19, 2012. We’ll have two hours to talk about Japanese folklore, supernatural creatures, and why it’s smart to fart at a kappa and greet your friends with, “Moshi moshi!”   Continue reading

Kitsune-Tsuki wins Luminis Prize!

Kitsune-Tsuki was awarded the Luminis Prize at the 2012 Midwest Writers’ Workshop, a three-day professional conference for writers of all genres. The judges called it “beautifully-written.” As you can see by the photo, I was pretty thrilled!   Continue reading

Laura Presents on Japanese Folklore at AnimeWorld Chicago

I will be presenting a two-hour panel on Japanese Folklore & Mythology at AnimeWorld Chicago, August 3-5, 2012. Though it’s really about the fascinating creatures and stories of Eastern legend, I’ll drop in a bit about the world of Kitsune-Tsuki!   Continue reading