Learn to dance THRILLER with us!

learn to dance Thriller at Indianapolis libraries

“Because it’s Thriller! Thriller night….” My day job is in behavior. My hobby is in geekdom. Sometimes these worlds collide and I get peanut butter in my chocolate, and it’s awesome.   Continue reading

Music & the Writer

photo of classical music advertisement for epic music and great battle scenes

Lots of writers use music to set mood and evoke emotion while writing, and I’m no exception — I love using music to create a tone for a scene or even just to get creative juices flowing.   Continue reading

Book Covers & Badasses

Today Rob Thurman released the new Cal Leandros cover. She is rightfully excited about it. I think one of the most notable aspects of the new cover is the way the shattered stained-glass seems to fly out at you. 3D, bitches! — Rob Thurman (@Rob_Thurman) October 9, 2012 And there’s… Continue reading

Site Renovation :)

As you might have noticed, the site just got a major facelift. I think everything’s working, but if you notice anything out of place, please let me know. In related news, the blog is now on Networked Blogs, so feel free to follow if that’s your thing. In unrelated news,… Continue reading

“Should Have” and “Would Have”

I happened across a great tweet the other day, about plot and character: REGARDING PLOT-HOLES, DO NOT CONFUSE "HE SHOULD HAVE DONE" WITH "HE WOULD HAVE DONE"… THEY ARE MILES APART. — FILM/TRUMP CRIT HULK (@FilmCritHULK) October 5, 2012   Continue reading

Your Sample Should Include a Sample.

ebook reader with book image

Okay, I am pretty equal-opportunity when it comes to paper books and ebooks. I have minor preferences — I like paper books for plane trips (no obligatory power-down!) and ebooks for reference material (I have no guilt highlighting and annotating a ebook, while defacing a paper book even in the… Continue reading

Amazon Deals on KITSUNE-TSUKI

adorable Doberman puppy, photo by Laura VanArendonk Baugh

Retail news! Not only is Kitsune-Tsuki now available in paperback (say, here, for example), but it’s eligible for Amazon’s 4-for-3 promotion — which means if you add Kitsune-Tsuki to an order of three books, you get it free. Of course, it’s in ebook at Amazon, too, and at Barnes &… Continue reading

How Operant Conditioning Sold My Pitch


Republished from original post at CaninesInAction.com I spent last weekend immersed wholly in words. I don’t talk about it much, but I also write fiction, and I’ve decided lately to put more effort into that area. So two things happened last week — my novella Kitsune-Tsuki came out on ebook, and I… Continue reading

Laura Presents on Japanese Folklore at Gen Con Indianapolis

I will be presenting a two-hour panel on Japanese Folklore & Mythology at Gen Con Indianapolis, August 19, 2012. We’ll have two hours to talk about Japanese folklore, supernatural creatures, and why it’s smart to fart at a kappa and greet your friends with, “Moshi moshi!”   Continue reading

Kitsune-Tsuki wins Luminis Prize!

Kitsune-Tsuki was awarded the Luminis Prize at the 2012 Midwest Writers’ Workshop, a three-day professional conference for writers of all genres. The judges called it “beautifully-written.” As you can see by the photo, I was pretty thrilled!   Continue reading