Twelve Days of Kitsune!

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays — but it wasn’t exactly popular during Heian and Kamakura eras in Japan, for obvious reasons. So here on the blog we’re going to celebrate Twelve Days of Kitsune, and each post we’ll discover a new folk tale, period foods, or other fun… Continue reading

Things To Do While Waiting To Hear Back From an Agent

At one point in Shard & Shield, a character is waiting for his treason to be discovered. He knows it is only a matter of time before he is identified, seized, tortured, and executed, but in the meantime he must go about his daily business as if nothing is wrong, as… Continue reading

Catch a Kitsune at Anime Crossroads!

You can find the two-hour panel “Japanese Folklore & Mythology: A Primer for Anime, Manga, & Film” at Anime Crossroads on Dec 8. Admission is included with con badge. We’ll talk about Japanese folklore, supernatural creatures such as tengu and dragons and kitsune, why it’s smart to fart at a… Continue reading

Pep Talk from Hell.

Someone on the NaNoWriMo chat group mentioned a technique in which a writer writes a pep talk from his or her characters. She said she had found it helpful. I hadn’t heard of the technique, but just the thought of it scared the snot out of me.   Continue reading

The Next Big Thing (Week 25) — Shard & Shield

Vizzini in The Princess Bride

In which Laura reveals intimate answers to fascinating questions! Don’t miss a moment! Well, okay, so we’ve found the reason I am not a marketing copywriter. But stay with me a moment anyway.   Continue reading

Foxes. Don’t mess with them.

In my fox research for Kitsune-Tsuki and Kitsune-Mochi, I came across this clipping of a hunting trip gone wrong. I understand that people hunt, some for pleasure and some by necessity. (My husband grew up in an area where hunting provided much of some families’ diet.) But hunting should be… Continue reading

The Rise of Ebooks

I read that December’s shopping will determine whether 2012 is in fact the year ebooks edge out physical books, or if that will happen in 2013. Regardless, it’s coming soon.   Continue reading

Signposts on the Way to “Making It” – Goals

It’s good to have realistic expectations as well as goals, right? And likely goals as well as shoot-for-the-moon goals, right? Authors — and everyone — should have many small goals as they make their way toward large goals. So in a fit of procrastination from Real Work, I’ve compiled a… Continue reading

Announcement: a new book is coming soon

Laevatein & McCoy

So you knew I was working on bringing Kitsune-Mochi to you, right? Did you know I’m also working on a non-fiction book? My day job is in behavior, animal behavior specifically (though I’m also certified in TAGteach), and I’m working on a book in that field.   Continue reading

On Spoilers. (I Hate Them.)

A 2011 psychology experiment indicates that spoilers don’t ruin a story, but rather enhance it. With all respect, in this regard psychology has its headlight plugged firmly into its tail-lamp. And that’s coming from someone who makes her day job in psychology and behavior, so you know I feel pretty strongly… Continue reading