The Mysterious Magi: Who Were They?

enormous bull head (missing ears and horns) from Persepolis, with Laura, photographed at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago

Today’s post is a lot of historical background, much of it research for my book So To Honor Him, put together to explain a story you’ve probably heard. If you’re into history and mystery-solving, come along with me. (Stay close; we’re going to go through a lot of material.) We’re … Continue reading

Indispensable Tools for Writers, Trainers, & Small Business


Something different today: a small business post! I run two small businesses, so I’m all about finding useful tools and tricks for keeping my schedule and my sanity. Over the years, I’ve settled on a shortlist of things I’m not going to do without. And because these will probably be useful … Continue reading

Blood Mercy: Thicker Than Water

So it’s October, and you might have noticed I have a thing for the gothic and classic monsters, and it’s perfect weather for reading edgy stories, and so I have a new book to share with you today. It’s about vampires. /toothy grin/  

A Chocolate Coffin

Tyrannosaurus Rex figure bites into chocolate casket

That’s a very literal title. After all, I wouldn’t lie to you. It’s no secret that I have a thing about the classic Universal monsters and gothic tales. Nor is it a secret that I have a small problem with chocolate. And so I was absolutely delighted to receive this chocolate coffin. … Continue reading

Vikings everywhere: Leif Erikson Day

The Songweaver's Vow

By the time you read this, Leif Erikson Day will be over — autumn Sundays are bad with football and election debates and such — but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about it. Leifr Eiríksson founded a Norse settlement at Vinland in Newfoundland. He was the son of Erik the Red, who founded … Continue reading

Flora & Fauna in Fantasia

The Songweaver's Vow
This entry is part 6 of 7 in the series The Songweaver's Vow: Easter Eggs & Background

This entry is part 6 of 7 in the series The Songweaver’s Vow: Easter Eggs & BackgroundJust because a book is a fantasy does not mean it does not require research (and in fact often requires more). Right now I am writing about the plants and animals of Asgard, and … Continue reading

Covalent Bonds Cover Reveal

COVALENT BONDS cover, woman embracing handsome nerd in glasses

Covalent Bonds is coming! This is a bit different, so check it out:  

Lessons in book cover design

screencap of middle section of BAIT in phone's push notification

So we already know some things about book covers in this modern era: Besides the usual menu of needing to represent genre and tone, they need to be legible (both title and genre/mood) as thumbnails, and they should be high contrast for visibility on mobile and black/white ereader screens. Yesterday … Continue reading

CON JOB is now an audiobook!

Con Job book cover

So this is fun — Con Job is now an audiobook! So if you’re pulling a long drive, or trying to ignore the stitch in your side during your run, or picking up clutter in your living space, or wherever you listen to audiobooks, now you can do it with Jacob … Continue reading

Con Recaps! (And some cool news.)

Laura sitting, blonde hair over shoulder, before rocky cliff with surf crashing below

So July was kind of a blur, and the first part of August, but all for very good reasons. Ireland Writer Tours Long-time blog readers know I blogged about writing in Ireland in 2015, and I went again this year. It’s a great week, full of fabulous touring and inspiration. … Continue reading