We Won! A Video Snippet and New Anthologies

SonOfAWitch! anthology cover showing witch legs crashing into tree

So, as you may have heard, my war unicorns Nova & Reaver won the Equus Battle Royal. While I totally played it cool, inside I was doing a Snoopy dance and singing something like this: So, I’d promised that if Nova & Reaver went all the way, I would read… Continue reading

Vote, Maybe Even Win, & Get a Free Book Just For Reading This Post

No, seriously, it’s all that simple. (Well, and you have to click a link or two.) First up: Nova and Reaver, my highly-trained war unicorns from my story “Rue the Day” in the fantabulous upcoming Equus, have advanced to the semi-finals. Ready for action? Click here and comment that you… Continue reading

#EquusFight: The Saga Continues

Equus Battle Royale with horse silhouettes

The drama continues over at #EquusFight, the contest where the equine stars of the anthology Equus are pitted against one another in a Battle Royale! My trained war unicorns Nova and Reaver made it through the first competition, but they are neck-and-neck with a Sleipnir-inspired rival. Now, normally you know… Continue reading

A Little Feminist Check Re Discrimination

"Male author" and "male doctor" are not offensive terms. It's simply a way to differentiate them from normal authors and doctors.

I botched it tonight. Someone asked our panel about writing in a traditionally male-dominated (both as authors and heroes) genre, as a woman. And several women writers were invited to answer, but with the clock ticking on the last moments of our chat time. I was discombobulated by trying to formulate… Continue reading