Let the Sun Shine! New Solar Panels to Power My Work

two-story brick house with ladder to roof and solar panels

After two days of intense upgrades, my house is powered by the sun. We’re brand new and still working out the bugs, but our first day of full sun produced enough power to fuel my car over 250 miles. Our first day of partial sun produced enough power to run… Continue reading

Conferences, Cons, and Solar Eclipse 2017, Or What I Did On My Summer Vacation

crescent sun

It’s been a busy month! First I went to Realm Makers, which has become one of my favorite writing conferences, and then to a small local writing conference at Taylor University, my first time visiting there. In a couple of weeks I’ll head west again to attend the Rocky Mountain… Continue reading

Doctor Who, Writing Female Characters, and Equality.

Jodie Whittaker in 13th Doctor announcement photo

On the one hand, I can’t believe we need to have this discussion of how to write female protagonists and balance. On the other, since clearly we do need it, let’s have it. With the announcement of the 13th Doctor as a female regeneration, the internet slightly exploded. I was… Continue reading