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Laura works in animal (and human) behavior by day, a KPACTP trainer who also travels the country teaching animal professionals and a certified TAGteach instructor.

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Kitsune-Tsuki cover “I’m loving it! Laura has managed not only to write a clear and incredibly important book, she’s really funny too! Her way of writing, the images in her language, and the diagrams make this book really stand out; there’s no way to misunderstand the concepts she’s presenting.”  – Emelie Johnson Vegh, co-author of the great Agility Right from the Start  Dogs known as reactive, fearful, or aggressive have a common problem — they are emotional rather than rational, overwrought rather than calm. This book presents simple concepts and easy-to-do training steps to bring him back to his mind in sessions as short as a minute each.  When not writing, Laura is an award-winning trainer who has presented internationally on training and behavior.

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